We are happy to announce that very soon we will be offering Thai Massage at both Lemon Tree Spa locations! Before the services start, we thought we would give you some information about what exactly it is.

Thai Massage is an ancient healing system that is done while you are fully clothed on a mat on the floor while the therapist stretches, rocks, and compresses the body. It incorporates a combination of point pressure, energy meridian work and yoga like stretching for an invigorating experience. It is an amazing combination of relaxing and energizing.


There are many benefits to Thai Massage including:

·      Reduced stress and anxiety

·      Improved circulation

·      Improved energy

·      Enhanced flexibility

·      Reduced muscle strain

·      Improved Emotional Balance

·      Reduced cortisol levels (stress hormone)

·      Increased serotonin levels

·      Improved overall health

We will be updating our website as soon as it is available, we cannot wait for you to experience the amazing benefits of Thai Massage!